Meet The Team

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Dedicated watermen and water women.  Scientists, Naturalist, Shark specialists, Competitive Freedivers, Eco-economists, Professional dive instructors,  Professional photographers and Videographers, PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate Students in the marine-science field.     

We are a group of people who love being in the Ocean, love seeing marine life, and work to give back to the animals that make it the amazing place it is.  


ocean ramsey


juan oliphant


kayleigh burns


Ashley Steyaert 

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ashley schreiner

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natalie parra

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GE Keoni 

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mackenna cady


tracy mullen

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siena scharr

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sophie ellis

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Annika nanimoana


madi makoff

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Blake Thompson

Global & Youth Ambassadors:

  • The Corbe Ohana; Andy, Laura, Natalie, & Lexie
  • Sunny Wang & Dizzy Dizzo
  • Enzo Zhao
  • Crystal Dombrow
  • Jessica Alexandria
  • Cassie Paumard
  • Lyla "Lou"
  • Mollie Mathiesen