Our Mission.


What is one ocean conservation? 

The overarching goal of our organization is facilitating and inspiring the connection of human beings to protect the animals within our oceans, marine ecosystems, and the environment through the first-hand experience. Our hope is to spread the word about the importance of protecting marine animals, and to encourage people globally to take action and use their voice to stand up for all these amazing species!

We seek to educate people through multiple platforms: personally, through our dives, social media, giving school presentations, and working with individuals and groups internationally too support their research and conservation efforts through @OneOceanGlobal. 

Founded for a collaborative research program gathering data for over four different current shark research studies, the One Ocean Diving Pelagic Program was adapted by internationally recognized shark and marine biologist, Ocean Ramsey to serve as a major conservation effort and to help assist with funding for ongoing studies of sharks. The program is open to the public and empowers participants on a daily basis to get involved and make a difference through the first-hand experience of interacting with these incredible animals and seeing for themselves we can coexist.